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ATK4787 Wiring System Service Kit for the BOEING 787

ATK4787 Wiring System Service Kit for the BOEING 787Modern aircraft, like the Boeing 787, have complex wire harnesses and electrical systems that are essential to direct power and communication. These systems contain hundreds to thousands of connectors, contacts, and terminals that, at times, may fail and need repair.

Astro Tool Corp.has researched this complex system and created the ATK4787 kit to take the guess work out of determining the required tooling and drastically simplify repairs. The kit contains all the necessary information including connector, contact, and terminal cross references charts, tool selection charts, and illustrated operating instructions for each tool included in the kit. By having this information readily available, the ATK4787 can significantly reduce the costs and revenue loss associated with AOG.

Product Features:

  • Cycle controlled
  • Wire sizes 26 through 14
  • Adjustable insulation barrel
  • Redesigned to eliminate terminal sticking after crimp
  • Eliminated cable assembly
  • Overall reduced weight
  • Reduced handle stroke

Astro Tool CorpAstro Tool ATK4787 Wiring System Service Kit for the BOEING 787

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