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Hall-Effect Magnetic Position Sensors Provide Enhanced Sensitivity in a Miniature Package

Hall-Effect SensorsSmall, Low-Voltage, Versatile Sensors May Help Reduct Manufacturing Costs

The SS361RT and SS461R sensors’ enhanced sensitivity enables the use of less expensive magnets in some applications. The SS361RT sensor’s very small footprint takes up less space on the printed circuit board, typically allowing for a reduction in costs. Additionally, the SS361RT sensor is supplied on tape and reel, allowing for automated, high-volume, lower-cost pick-and-place assembly.

Honeywell designed the SS361RT and SS461R sensors for potential use in industrial applications (e.g., speed and RPM sensing, tachometer, flow-rate sensing, valve/damper position, brushless dc motors, variable speed drives, motor and fan control, and robotics control), medical applications (motor assemblies, medication dispense control), and transportation motion control applications (e.g., RPM sensing, tachometer, motor and fan control, electric window lifts, convertible roof positioning, and transmission positioning).

Honeywell’s SS361RT and SS461R sensors feature a 3 V supply voltage capability for low-voltage applications. The sensors are available in two package styles, providing application flexibility. The SS361RT’s miniature SOT-23 surface mount package utilizes a tape and reel format; the SS461R’s flat TO-92 style is available in bulk (1,000 units per bag).

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