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OLED and LCD Programmable Switches and Displays

SmartSwitch Development Kits and a wide variety of accessories, including splashproof overlays, are available to assist engineers with rapid prototyping.

OLED and LCD Switches and Displays Chart

Product Features:

  • Smallest off-the-shelf OLED and LCD devices in the industry
  • Widest offering of products and development tools
  • In-house engineering for design support
  • Re-configure switches and entire panels instantly
  • Achieve complex designs with fewer devices and less inventory
  • Based on NKK customers’ ROI: significant reduction of panel space, switches, installation time, and cost
  • Display industry specific graphics and moving images
  • Use multiple languages without need for language specific labels
  • Simplifies complex, multi-decision operations

NKK SwitchesNKK Switches OLED & LCD Programmable Switches and Displays

Contact your local sales office or email [email protected] for more information.