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RF Industries Unidapt™ Universal Adapter System

RF Industries Unidapt™ Universal Adapter SystemsCreate any inter-series or intra-series adapter you need in seconds with RF Industries Unidapt™ Universal Adapters. The universal center adapter is the key. Each Unidapt™ fitting has a common end and a universal adapter end. Simply choose the two common connector ends you need and screw them together with the center adapter. Our adapter kits let you mix and match any two male or female coaxial fittings, making them a favorite of field and bench technicians.

Unidapt™ system adapters are silver-plated w/ gold-plated contacts and PTFE insulation. Our white bronze selection gives technicians and engineers the right low-loss and high-performance adapters quickly and easily. Kits containing the RF Sampler, right angle and “T” adapters, binding posts and banana plugs are even more versatile. All adapters can be purchased separately.

Kits available include:

  • 30-piece Classic Unidapt™ Kit, RFA-4024
  • 30-piece WiFi Unidapt™ Kit, RFA-4024-WIFI
  • 30-piece Unidapt™ Kit with white bronze plated adapters, RFA-4024-WB
  • 31-piece Classic Unidapt™ Kit including cable tester, RFA-4018
  • 30-piece WiFi Unidapt™ Kit including cable tester, RFA-4018-WIFI
  • 43-piece Expanded Classic Unidapt™ Kit with accessories, RFA-4023-01
  • 43-piece Expanded WiFi Unidapt™ Kit with accessories, RFA-4023-01-WIFI

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